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We've gladly been serving the Los Angeles hospitality industry for the last 25 years. No one offers wholesale gourmet pastries and baked goods at our price points, we guarantee it.

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We know what chefs need!

We've looked beyond making great food and we saw that the industry was crying for a service that better understood the challenges of the industry. So we've refreshed our processes and introduced some features to make Sweet Temptations, the most customer centric wholesale bakery in Los Angeles.

- Yvan Valentin, Owner of Sweet Temptations

Shorter Lead Times

Sweet Temptations receives orders later than anyone else in Los Angeles. For example you can submit next day morning bakery order up until 3.30 pm the previous day. Dessert orders need 48 hours of lead time. Finally custom dessert orders need a minimum of 5 to 7 days lead time depending on the season.

Last Minute Service

We know how demanding this industry is. So last year, We decided to make certain dessert items always available. An updated list of these items can be found on our last minute page.

Custom Desserts

Do you want a particular dessert not offered in the catalogue? Not a problem! We can make all French and most American desserts if minimum orders and lead times are met.

Let us start making life easier for YOU and tastier for your CLIENTS today!

We're in the heart of Los Angeles

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What are your delivery hours?
We deliver goods every morning from 4 am to 8 am.
I need a delivery made outside delivery hours, is this possible?
Although we do occasionally deliver large orders for a modest fee, it is not a policy of ours. If you can't receive your order during our delivery hours, you're more than welcome to come pick it up at the bakery during regular business hours.
Can I order online?
We are not processing online orders at this point in time.
What is the cut-off point to place a next day order?

For breakfast pastries, next day orders need to be placed prior to 3 pm. For desserts, we need to have the orders 2 working days prior to the delivery date. For custom orders we need them placed a week prior to the delivery date.

I'm not a company! Can I still order your delicious cakes?

We are wholesale only. Contact us and we'll tell you where you can find the product you're looking for!

I'm interested where do I start?
We like to meet potential clients face to face to better understand their needs and challenges. We'll send you samples, a price list and a friendly representative. Get in touch with us! all the information is available on our contact-us page.
Can I order on Sundays?

We only take orders on weekdays during working hours and on Saturdays between 1 pm and 3 pm. You must place your orders during these hours.

My business is outside the coverage zone. Can you still accommodate me?

There is no definitive answer. It depends on how far you are outside the coverage zone, whether your order is recurring and the size of your order.

How do you guys handle damages or missing orders?

Mistakes seldom occur at Sweet Temptations. When they do however, correcting our mistake is our absolute priority. Whether you need a refund, or an emergency dispatch, our head chef and support team will work with you and right the wrongs.