LA’s Wholesale Bakery

Sweet Temptations is a wholesale-only bakery operating out of the heart of Los Angeles for the last 25 years. We specialize in French gourmet pastries and morning baked goods under the supervision of chef Yvan Valentin. We pride ourselves on maintaining great relationships with our customers, catering to their specific needs and troubleshooting them through busy services, events and receptions. Our customers typically consist of hotels, restaurants and cafes, but in recent years we have also worked with caterers, other bakeries and wholesalers as demand for our product has increased.

Modus Operandi

Sweet Temptations is open for business and delivering delicious products 7 days a week. We are also open and delivering on all major holidays. In our Catalogue, you will see our most popular products like croissants, danish, tarts, cakes, bars and mini petite desserts. We do however offer all American and French desserts, preparations and special dough. We refer to these products as “custom orders”
If you have a custom order or want something made that is not offered in the catalogue, we will be happy to help you. Custom orders must be placed a whole week prior to the shipping date. Depending on the custom product requested, there may also be a minimum purchase order requirement.

As we deal with large wholesale orders, we typically ask our clients to submit pastry orders at least 48 hours before the shipping date and breakfast orders before 3 p.m. the day prior. Any orders outside these time frames are not guaranteed production and subsequent delivery. We do offer however last minute products available for next day order. There are intended to cater to unforeseen banquets or last minute events. Please be mindful that these last minute requests are accommodated with limited choices, but they are nonetheless accommodated.

We deliver our wholesale baked goods every morning seven days out of the week in the city of Los Angeles. We understand that these orders must be delivered in a time-sensitive manor, we ask you to give us at least a 1 hour window to deliver as long as it falls between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m., we do not deliver outside of these hours. You are always welcome to pick up your order directly from Sweet Temptations within regular working hours. Some of the areas we cover include but are not limited to Santa Monica, Palms, LAX, Downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Check our delivery coverage area to see if we can deliver to you!