Sweet Temptations is the brainchild of Yvan Valentin. Now a pillar of the food and beverage industry in Los Angeles, Yvan dreamed once about living the city of stars when he was still an apprentice. After working for some of the biggest restaurants like “Trois Gros” in France and “L’Orangerie” in Los Angeles, Yvan understood first hand the challenges pastry chefs and bakers face in a busy kitchen and decided to get into the game at his account. In 1992, he got his first opportunity to make his dream come true when he rented a small space at a colleague’s bakery. 25 years later, Yvan has grown his bootstrapped one man army to 20 bakers and pastry chefs and is happily living the dream he conceived as a young man.

Sweet Temptations has grown to cater to Los Angeles’ most prestigious hotels, restaurants and coffee shops all while maintaining its SMB principles that has helped make it successful. Our core values are to produce high quality standardized products, to provide a variety of ways to order and excellent customer support all at a great value.